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Tuesday, 22 August 2017


The day when you are reminded of a million reasons you loved your partner and decided to spend the rest of your life with them. For the pampering moments that you need to create for your partner, we bring you a few fabulous anniversary gift ideas, which will definitely sweep your partner off their feet when they receive them.
You need to do some kind of extra effort to make your love one's day even more special. Here are the top gifts wrapped in love and dripping of romance, for the special night and the very special person in your life.
A handwritten love letter that floods your emotions into it thanking them for being a special part of your life and how they made it so meaningful. Make sure you present this special love-letter with a beautiful bunch of their favorite flowers.
Combine your romance with oodles of humor because no matter how long have you spent together, the flirting must go on! You can pick a delicious cake with some chocolate.
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Monday, 21 August 2017


We gain strength, courage, and confidence from our experience in which we really stop being afraid and do the things that we think we can't. If you always put a limit in everything you do, it will spread into your life. The best thing you can do is to go beyond them. Have the courage to overcome your fears. Don't be afraid that you will fall, what's important is how you rise back from where you fall. You become better and stronger.
Your weakness can be your astounding strength if used in the right context. In fact, you will not realize your greatest strength until you faced your greatest weakness. So we really don't need to afraid of our fears just face them and you will surely win.
Sometimes people are too preoccupied with their busy lives that if they want something they never had, they just need to do what they never did. every time you feel uncertain, remember how far have you come, all the obstacles you faced and all the fears you have overcome.
Life is one time gift, live it up to the fullest, enjoy it up to the fullest. Live in present moment and forget the rest. Celebrate each day with your besties and your loved one's with cake delivery in noida.

Sunday, 20 August 2017


Are you looking for something special that will impress and please somebody special on their birthday? The best part about chocolate as birthday gifts is that they are appropriate for everyone, whether close friends or strangers, a granny or little nephew, boss or subordinate. Chocolates are apolitical, gender, age and class neutral! With chocolates you rarely have to worry about offending or differing tastes.
As birthday gifts for your beloved, chocolate has few parallels. Even the ancient Aztecs understood its power as an aphrodisiac. And now we have scientific proof! Studies have shown that chocolate has an almost sensual pleasure for many people, especially women. It releases a chemical in our brain called serotonin, which improves our mood and helps us relax. Hence, its popularity as an aphrodisiac!
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Saturday, 19 August 2017


Surprises add spark to your relationship and communicate how much you care. You may be thinking, “I treat my partner well on a daily basis, so why do I need to surprise him or her?” By taking that extra step, you articulate that the primary relationship in your life is important. It’s worth going over the top for. It deserves even more nourishment than everyday life—even a kind and loving life—allows.
Surprises can lead to greater intimacy, tender interactions, lighthearted fun, and relationship contentment. They can act as a catalyst for a whole host of other relationship patterns to shift for the better through a domino-like effect. If your partner is truly surprised, you will notice their curved high eyebrows, pupil dilation, dropped jaw, large grin, or raised forehead. Not only do they get a physical “hit” of a positive chemical from feeling cherished through the surprise, but you get a good feeling too, from giving it.
Think of something meaningful from “the old days” that you used to do together and make a surprise out of it, Bring home flowers, your partner’s favourite ice cream, or your partner’s favourite takeout food for no reason. Or you can go for your partner favourite dessert like cakes, cup cakes. These little surprise will bring a new refreshment in your relationship for sure. So without wasting your time just visit to midnight cake delivery in noida
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Thursday, 17 August 2017


Anniversaries remind you of the special something that happened on a particular date. Anniversaries can commemorate any special event, the day you met your soul mate or the day you got married. But the most important celebration of anniversary remains of the wedding.
There are many ways through which you can make anniversaries special. We have listed some top selling gifts that you can choose and make the anniversary more happening:
Roses- Red and pink roses are the ultimate pleasers. With different arrangement and combinations, roses can sweep your soul mate off their feet and make the day even more special.
Anything to do with chocolates automatically becomes the best way to express feelings and when the delicious chocolates are put together in a bouquet form, they get way too special. And when you have delicious chocolate cake then nothing will stop them.
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Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Art plays a vibrant role in the personal life of the individual as well as in the social and economic development of the nation. The study of Visual arts encourages personal development and the awareness of both our cultural heritage and the role of art in the society. The learner acquires personal knowledge, skills and competencies through activities in Visual arts. When one studies Visual arts, he/she would come to appreciate or understand that art is an integral part of everyday life.
Practical activities in visual art can help reduce tension and emotional stress in people. The lives of physically challenged persons and social misfits are reorganised or changed when they engage in practical lessons in art. Those who have deficiencies in their physical and psychological growths are corrected gradually when they explore with art tools and materials in the creation of artworks. Art, therefore, serves as a therapy or medical aid for those with growth deficiencies.
Art lies within the person, you can use your creativity anywhere at any place in any form. The delicious desserts we love requires a lot of creativity to design them, varieties of cakes, cup cakes available for everyone who love to have them. As if something look delicious then it will surely make us to take a bite of. So just give a click to Online cake delivery in pune
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Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Hindu celebrate janmasthmi by fasting, singing, praying together, preparing and sharing special food. Janmashtami as it is simply called is the day when Lord Krishna was born. It is one of the biggest Indian religious festivals in the world.
Lord Krishna is one of the most venerated incarnations in the Hindu religion. It is said that Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna was born about five thousand years ago at the end of the Dwapur Yuga, the third cosmic phase and the beginning of Kali Yuga, the present and the last cosmic phase.
In Mumbai & Pune this ritual is also called dahi handi and is celebrated with a lot of energy & vigor. Handi means a clay pot and dahi means buttermilk. So, a claypot is filled with buttermilk and tied high up. Young boys form a human pyramid. The boy on top of the pyramid is supposed to break the handi with a coconut, as coconut is considered a pure object. Prizes in cash and kind are also offered by local communities to those who break these handis.
There is lot of excitement in people, especially in kids for celebrating krishna janmasthmi in different way. So celebrate this auspicious day with some delicious dessert from online cake delivery in Noida. Lord Krishna was very fond of butter as a child, hence, he is also known as "Maakhan (Butter) Chor" (thief). He used to steal butter from villagers accompanied by his friends.
On this day, devotees keep day long fasts and chant bhajans (religious hymns) till midnight when Lord Krishna was born, followed by prayers.