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Tuesday, 23 August 2016


There is one birthday, that my remembrance is quite fond of. A birthday unlike any other. A holy birthday. A pious birthday. A mythical birthday. I believe, Lord Krishna have always found his way into the hearts of young and old alike. The children like his early escapades, the elders are fond of his verses that are immortally compiled into the holy Gita.

It is his birthday, that we celebrate on the occasion of Janmashtami. It is Janmashtami and its processions that I very well remember, and owing to all that I can reminiscence, I tend to narrate, what transpired in my household during this very occasion. For ordering or making the celebration more enjoyable go to online cake delivery in noida sector 76.

The day of Janmashtami began with cleansing. Cleaning of the house was the first task that was allotted to us children. Scrub the floors so that they appear to wear a shine, dust all the objects so that they are all free of even a speck of dust. With that complete, clean yourself. After taking long baths and evolving as a whole new individual, one had to cleanse your soul. Since it was Lord Krishna’s birthday, one had to pray to him, sort of wish him, and promise him to free themselves of all ill-will. All this while, my mother was busy in the kitchen. That meant we were going to be treated with mouth-watering food throughout the day.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Rakhi, the festival where a sister ties a sacred thread on her brother’s wrist is not something that needs any explanation for Indians. But for people who live outside India and are keen to know more about the festival, a little elaboration would make it more interesting. The brother in return of the sacred thread promises to protect the sister forever.

Today’s it generally not possible to celebrate this auspicious day together because of busy life that every person living these days. But, you will be surprised to know that the distance and the busy schedule cannot keep the love and emotion apart and exchange of rakhi as well as gifts continue just as the tradition demand.

E-commerce made everything easy, distance doesn’t matter now days as we have many online stores for exchanging rakhi’s and gifts for our brother and sister. So for ordering gifts and rakhi online you can simply visit to online cake delivery in noida sector 63 or it can be anything starting from a smart watch, saree, kitchenware or lehanga. So, enjoy your rakhi shopping with us.

Saturday, 13 August 2016


Representing a sanctified bond of love between a brother and sister, Rakhi is a beautiful ornaments that comes loaded with affection. The festival of Raksha Bandhan has been celebrated in India since time age old, and discussions of the Rakhi can even be found in the Puranas. However, needless to say, with the passage of time, the Rakhi has also seen a large number of variations and embellishments, and today can be seen in many avatars.

Talking a walk through the history of Rakhi, we have found that Mouli or the Kalava rakhi is the ancient form of the rakhi. Those who are associated with the Hindu sacraments will definitely be aware that the kalava is the pious thread that is generally used for performing religious rites.

Rakhi is the traditional resham rakhi, which is designed out of resham thread and dyed in single bright color. On recent times, this rakhi is found to be adorned with flowers, pearls and jewels, especially for all those who want a tinge of jazz in their rakhi. So just go to midnight cake delivery in ghaziabad. The rakhi thus holds a special meaning for every brother, as it is a memorable symbol of his sister’s love.

Thursday, 11 August 2016


The fifteenth of august is one of the most important dates in the history of our country. It was on this day, India became what it is today, that is, a free and independent country, which is ruled by our own people and not by the people from other countries.

For many centuries before 1947, our country was ruled by foreigners and outsiders; first by the Turks from the Middle East, then by Mughals and then by English Men from Great Britain. While we are celebrating we must also remember, with all respect, affection and thankfulness to all those great people, especially Mahatma Gandhi, to whom we owe our freedom because many of them sacrificed their own lives so that other Indians can live in peace and liberty.

Another thing to remember is that our freedom is quite different from the freedom of other countries. All other Nations which overthrew foreign rule did so by causing Blood shed. Our freedom was won through principles of truth and non-violence under the wise and saintly leadership of the Mahatma.

Let us all today be worthy of the sacrifices made in the past by our leaders and let each of us work and serve in the spirit of true patriotism so that we help to bring about the future of which our leaders dreamed on 15 of August 1947. So go to cake delivery in noida sector 127 and celebrate Independence day with proud.


Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Rakhi  can be definitely called a non-religious festival as it binds hearts and revokes brotherly and sisterly love. This, much awaited festival usually comes in August every year on the Shravan Poornima. People who are familiar with the generation old traditions will vouch that Rakhi is incomplete without the sacred thread and of course some sweets and gifts.

There are some gifts that are considered evergreen and can be chosen as an accompaniment with the Rakhi. Sweets like Mawa Burfi, motichoor ladoo, kaju barfi surely are some of the most well accepted traditional Rakhi gifts. If you want to add a contemporary touch, just go in for a chocolate basket or a delicious chocolate or vanilla cake.

If you do not wish to stick to the same old traditional gifts and are looking for something new, the choices are countless. For choosing all you have to do is just visit to cake delivery in noida sector 76, select what your brother likes the most and that’s the way to go! Rakhi is one of the best times to strengthen bonds between a brother and sister, so choose wisely and make the occasion memorable.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Rakhi is a traditional festival that has many historical stories related to its existence. In India sisters and brothers still follow the traditions on this special day called Raksha Bandhan which is celebrated in august. On this day the sister ties a sacred thread called rakhi on the brother’s wrist and called a rakhi on the brother’s wrist and they generally exchange gifts.

In the modern world on various occasions it so happens that meeting each other becomes impossible on that very special day. So there is a very easy way to send wishes from online stores. Online gift stores, have made this occasion easier to celebrate. Along with the availability of wide range of rachis and gifts there are also some added advantages of choosing rakhi gifts online.

Internet or E-shopping needs no introduction. Almost everyone is aware of the wide range of options that online gift stores offers for all occasions. If you have a special gift like a cake or a chocolate bouquet in mind then ordering it is a child’s play. So go to online cake delivery in noida sector 125 here you will find the right gift that suits your budget as well as taste.

Monday, 8 August 2016


Sibling are the best companions that we all should be thankful to our parents for! We actually don’t realize how beautiful it is going to be, the day a little one comes in our lives. We start to apprehend the wave of joy steadily, as we grow up and realize the worth of this priceless bond.

With every passing day, we learn something new, something interesting or something we find too tough to get used to. That’s the time when the bond strengthens. The beautiful memories of childhood, of togetherness and of a lovely siblinghood are something that brings smile to your face.

Celebrate rakhi or plan a surprise party for your sibling in a very unique way with cake delivery in noida sector 20. Recall your childhood memories, recreate the moments which you enjoy with your sibling like cycling, playing video games many more according to you.