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Thursday, 20 October 2016


India is especially known for its colourful festivals. If you want to know how to celebrate festivals, then there’s is one place , it’s India. However festivals are the time when we buy a lot. Diwali is a national hindu festivals that is also embraced by others religious denominations including the Sikhs and Jains.
When it comes to India’s major religious community, the Hindus. Diwali commemorates the victory of lord Rama over Ravan and his triumphant return to the kingdom after a period of exile. Keen to make Lord Rama’s homecoming as swift and safe as possible, his jubilant subjects illuminated the way with masses of twinkling diyas. It is for this reason the lightning of diyas has become a key component of the Diwali festival.

The most popular gift, by a long shot, is mithai, with ornately packaged dried fruits and nuts also a hot seller. Indeed , if there’s ever a time to experience india at its sweet and convivial-best, its during Diwali. For gifting sweet wishes with delicious cake just visit to online flowers and cake midnight delivery and online cake and flower delivery in delhi

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Karwa chauth is a long standing Indian tradition which has made a strong impression on us as a culture. It adds to the rich values of selflessness, social and moral ethics of India. Karwa chauth is a reflection of rich Indian culture and value system ingrained in the society.
This occasion is more important for the newly-wed couples. A newly married woman is showered with blessings for a blissful married life and gifts. On the arrival of this festival, the market gets flooded with all the symbol that reflects the marriage status of a woman is in high demand such as jewelry, bangles, lehnga-choli and many other traditional gifts.

This is the day when the married woman receives exquisite Karwa Chauth gifts from their husbands. For ordering special treat on Karwa Chauth for your ladyluck just visit to online eggless cake delivery in delhi or online cake delivery in delhi midnight. Here you get all the stuff you are looking for making her day special.

Thursday, 13 October 2016


This is the month of October, which not only soothes all with a change in weather but also brings a most illuminated occasions. The days which bring love one’s closer, the special days which people wait for all year. These are the days of most important festivals called Dussehra and Diwali.
As the month in mid-way and the festival of Dussehra already gone, everybody is now busy in scheduling the rest of the fifteen days. There is a lot to be done, a lot of prepration, a lot of shopping and very important and tedious work of the year –cleaning! Every corner every nook of the house must shine and welcome the Gods on the auspicious day of Diwali. Some even get their house painted on the occasion to change the entire look of the house.

Then it come to gifts. The gifts on Diwali are one of the essential aspect of the festival. Exchanging gifts, sweets, chocolates to your relatives, friends is a tradition. People now who are busy look for online shopping. You can try online cake delivery in kolkata which provide you delicious and fresh cakes in shortest time. Special days are rare, make it memorable.

Saturday, 8 October 2016


Every girl dreamed of love that is only for her. A person who care for her like her father, Who treat her so special that make her fall in love with him again and again. With some little effort he make her smile. So thinking for something special go to online cake delivery in patna and place your order here in just a click.
Life is always meant to be lived with happiness and love without cribbing and you would come out clean and clear of all the damages that life itself puts on you. Life is meant to be lived happily enjoying each and every moment with full joy.

For a meaningful life, I guess we have to shed many shades of the self because of the moment life sees you in a comfort zone, it has an uncanny nature of disturbing the balance and create a mess. But we are endowed with some better things by the creator, like our capability to read and write. These abilities actually help us to cut out from any befuddling phase of life.

Friday, 7 October 2016


Well with the preparation of a romantic date, a beautiful candle night dinner, slow music everything is to be perfect that make your love one’s fall in love with you all over again and again. Get a surprise for your love from online cake delivery in  ludhiyana.
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For making your date special you need to do some extra efforts. So, my dear friend, what happen next? Let’s not spoil the prospects of surprise that shall follow, let us endow you with that very privilege-to experience those moments, dwell in joy, conjure beautiful memories out of a beautiful evening.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


People just love eating chocolate, if we figure out then, 9 out of ten people love eating chocolate or like chocolate. The world always had a love affair with chocolates. When it comes to temptation or passion, nothing can match the allure of chocolates. Chocolate is associated with love, joy and celebration.
Chocolates are available in different sizes, shapes, forms, flavours like bars, candies many more. Chocolates are also popular gift item for any occasion. This sweet and delightful food item is considered as a food of love. Chocolates are also mood up lifter and they also bring cheers to everyone.

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Friday, 30 September 2016


Navratri the festival of purity,The festival of Navratra commences on the first day (pratipadā) of the bright fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Ashwin. During this vowed religious observance, a clay pot is installed (Ghatasthapana) in a sanctified section of one's home. A lamp is placed in the pot and it is kept lit for nine days. The pot symbolises the universe.
This is perfect time to absorbing the divine energy, fill yourself with full of positive energy and make yourself pure. Everyone who is capable keeps fast on these 9 days. If one observes a fast then the embodied soul benefits up to 3% and depending upon one's spiritual yearning.
During Navratri we should prepare spiritually pure dishes for the Goddess, as is customary. Apart from the regular food items, we should make a sweet made of split chickpeas and jaggery (puran) and plain curry (varan) made of yellow lentils (toor-dal) for the meal. Offer fresh flowers and sweet wishes from online cake delivery in kolkata and send to your close one’s.